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Our Solar street lighting solution is a combination of Long Lasting energy efficient LEDs (Light emitting diodes) powered by a clean and renewable energy source such as the sun. These are available at various wattage DC with single and double arm model.


  • Ideal for security, yard and street lighting
  • Uses a dusk-to-dawn charge controller with automatic on/off control
  • Rust-free, powder coating for poles and arms
  • Allen key-lock for better safety and security
  • Available in 9w/12w/18w/22w /30W/50W/100W/120W DC option.
  • Available in single and double arm street light options

3s  Solar centralized street light system

  • It’s a unique approach of Solar Street Lighting systems for industries, societies, party plots, schools, parking lots etc.
  • It constitutes of Off Grid Power Pack with option of charging from Main grid power in cloudy or poor sunlight days.
  • Suitable Solar PV Module Array is installed on Roof Top or one location and suitable inverters, Charge Controllers and Batteries are installed in a control room.
  • Solar energy is converted into electrical energy using solar PV Module. This energy is stored in batteries using solar charge controller. The stored energy is then converted into 230V A.C. using highly efficient inverters and supplied to street lights just as in conventional grid based system.

The solution depends upon customer requirement of number of street lights and the lumens required per street light. Optional timer facility is also available as per customer requirement