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We have a huge base of happy customers as we believe in timely, doorstep, affordable and reliable services. Geyser of all brands and any model and capacity can easily be installed, repaired and service by us. There can be many problems with your geyser like no hot water or inadequate hot water, faulty thermostat or faulty electric element, leakage in water tank, short circuit in plug. Geyser repair services have solution to all your problems related to faulty geyser. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction therefore you can rely on us if you are looking for best geyser/water heater repairing services in any area of. Electric water heater or gas geyser or solar water heater or any other type of water heater, we have expertise in repairing every kind of water heater.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to make solar energy a recognized and affordable energy solution by working with individuals.

We, at Sree Deepa Solar are completely in favor of cultivating this enormous
energy source because it is harmless to our planet and is available in

We believe in delivering clean energy and your traditional electricity
is powered by coal or natural gas which release harmful emissions
that are major cause for climate change.

Geological location of our country is blessed with a lot of solar
energy. If we put serious efforts in right direction we can generate
so much energy at such affordable cost to help our country go

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