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3SSolar Rooftop Solutions

Bring home the Sun and start saving today!! Investing in solar power system gives you freedom from steep power bills and constant power cuts.


Rooftop solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are the emerging solution for distributed power in residential and commercial establishments.

Solar rooftops are the ideal solution for providing clean, green and inexhaustible energy which reduces the use of fossils fuels.

3S Solar provides solutions for customers ranging from 1KWp to 500 KWp, in accordance with individual requirements.

3S Solar rooftop systems will reduce your electricity bill (25 years once installed). Nevertheless earn benefits on electricity generation as you contribute towards nation building and climate control/natural cooling of your roof top.The ROI will be around 3-4 years.3SSolar can execute solar govt revenue sharing ,scheme with PPA .We are offering customised Ongrid,Offgrid and Hybrid solar power system which reduces electricity bill drastically.